Working Group 2 (WG2)

Approaches to Citizen Science

Embracing innovative advances in tools and technology will explore the value of new and emerging technologies for CS in the context of AS recognizing the contribution of volunteers. The growth in AS datasets has been fostered by technological developments such as social media, apps, low-cost sensors, search engines and predictive analytics. These technological developments, an increased attention to CS and a cultural change towards collaboration and openness in research within the policy agenda (, will lead to a further increase of the contribution of volunteer recorders.

Task 1: Horizon scan novel technologies for CS

Task 2: Explore novel ways to increase the level of participation in AS related CS (e.g. from occurrence reporting to impact monitoring) and to reach non-traditional audiences of citizen scientists (linking to WG 1; Task 2).

Task 3: Critically review and document opportunities to ensure openness of app data, app code etc. e.g. through the EU CS platform under development within the JRC. 

1. Review of new and emerging technologies with relevance to CS in the context of AS (Task 1).

2. Develop new functionalities for existing apps (e.g. gamification, scraping social media for pathways, trade and occurrence data) through a Hackathon involving citizen scientists and app developers (Task 2).

3. Guidance and best practice on openness of app data, app code etc. (Task 3; Linking to WG1; Task 1)