STSM Evaluation Criteria


Each proposal will be assessed independently by the COST committee and an evaluation score will be given considering the proposal clarity, relevance for the Action, feasibility, planning and outputs. The proposal will be assigned to one of the following categories:

1 - Very poor: proposal illogical and not understandable. Not clearly linked to any WG. (0-10 marks)

2 – Poor: proposal with limited understanding, planning and no clear objectives. Weakly linked to at least one WG. (10-25 marks)

3 – Fair: proposal with some understanding, planning and objectives. Moderate links to at least one WG. (25-35 marks)

4 – Good: good proposal but needs input to develop feasible STSM. Well linked to at least one WG. (35-50 marks)

5 – Excellent: proposal well designed in terms of planning, feasibility and projected outputs. Strongly linked to at least one WG. (50-60 marks)

Extra marks will give for links with a WG of the Action (score comprised between 0 and 4: no link-strong link) and the output value to the COST Action via development of research, scientific networks and information technologies (score comprised between 0 and 24: no value-high value). A proposal can reach a maximum score of 100. The proposals will be ranked and those with the highest scores will be financed, subject to the duration of the STSM applications and the available budget. The results will be published in the COST Action website.


Evaluation outcome:

Usually within one month of the current STSM Call deadline.