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Alien CSI Action organises a bingo in Tivoli park to raise awareness about invasive alien species.


On Tuesday 24th of September 2019 from 12:30 untill 14:00, Alien CSI Action is organising the Alien Bingo at the Tivoli park, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Alien CSI, a European programme funded by the Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) is running its second annual meeting at the M Hotel in Ljubljana, September 23 and 24. International experts from 37 countries from Europe and beyond team up to discuss the challenges posed by invasive alien species and consider action through citizen science – whereby people are engaged in taking active roles in enhancing understanding and ultimately protecting biodiversity.

Alien CSI is led by Professor Helen Roy and a team of experts from across Europe including Dr Maarten de Groot from the Slovenian Forestry Institute, expert on invasive forest insect species, who is hosting the meeting in Ljubljana.

Fourteen thousand alien or non-native species have been introduced deliberately or accidentally by people to Europe.

“Some of these threaten European biodiversity, societies, economies and human health,” and they are termed “invasive alien species”.

Invasive alien species cost Europe €12.5-€20 billion.

“In Slovenia, there are around 1000 alien species in nature from which approximately 150 are considered invasive.”

This is a great opportunity to meet the experts and learn more about invasive alien species and in Tivoli, Park in Slovenia. The international experts discuss and play bingo with citizens, raise awareness about invasive alien species and encourage the involvement of citizens in biological recording

Contributions of citizens are critical and can greatly help scientists at all stages of the invasion process. By teaming with international experts in invasion ecology, citizens can help

to observe and identify species and their impacts while discussing management actions encouraging the public to participate.

Date: 24th of September 2019

Time: 12:30-14:00

Location: Tivoli Park Contact: Maarten de Groot email: maarten.degroot@gozdis.si Action website: https://alien-csi.eu/ Action Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/groups/aliencsi/

Action Twitter:@aliencsi1 COST

Ljubljana, Slovenia 2019 

Our next Alien CSI MC and WG Meeting will be in Ljubljana, Slovenia from 23-24 September 2019 (local organiser: Maarten De Groot).