Future Activities

*Training School now accepting applications, please see below for more details*


Pruhonice - Increasing understanding of alien species through citizen science Working Group meeting

Where: Pruhonice, Czech Republic

When: February 17-19 2020

Workshop organisers: J. Pergl, I. Jarić, F. Essl, A. Novoa, E. Tricarico, P. Pyšek, J.M. Jeschke

The workshop is part of the COST Action CA17122, Increasing understanding of alien species through citizen science (https://alien-csi.eu), and is also linked to the Invasion Dynamics Network (https://indynet.de), which focuses on temporal changes in biological invasions and their impacts. In this network, we have organized three workshops from 2015 to 2018 that explored various aspects of invasion dynamics. A key aspect that was not addressed but seems very fruitful is improving the understanding of invasion dynamics through citizen science. We believe a workshop focusing on this topic has high potential, e.g. to untap data of citizen scientists that help improving our understanding of the temporal dynamics of biological invasions. An expected output of the workshop will be a publication about this topic. In addition, collaborations focusing on particular research areas can be initiated.


Herakleion - Training School for Engaging Citizen Scientists into spotting, reporting and understanding Marine Alien Species 

Where:  Herakleion, Crete, Greece

When: April 1-3 2020

Workshop Organisers: Argyro Zenetos, Paraskevi Karachle, Frances Lucy and Elena Tricarico


Deadline for sending expression of interest (cover letter and CV) -> February 20th

Selection of participants -> February 29th 

Send your application @ CA17122ALIEN-CSI@nerc.ac.uk info on the action@ alien-csi.eu 

Training Schools are aimed at providing dissemination of the COST action activities and transfer knowledge on effective use of methods for Citizen Science. Participants are typically (but not exclusively) young researchers from across Europe. This training school addresses to researchers with a marine background and/or involved on invasion monitoring and surveillance through with emphasis on the involvement of citizen scientists.

Please see poster attached for more details on the training school.