Working Group 5 (WG5)

Cross-cutting Citizen Science Initiative(s) for IAS across Europe

This WG will (1) coordinate and facilitate the flow of information among WG1-4 to efficiently maximize the impact of the Action across Europe and beyond, and (2) showcase case studies of CS initiatives with the aim of testing the best practice guidelines developed in WG1-4.

The main objective of this WG will be leveraging and expanding the existing IASfocused networks and activities in Europe that will be included so as to represent diverse CS approaches.

Task 1: Consolidate best practices and mobilize the information emerging from WG1-4. o Actively mobilizing the deliverables among WGs to enhance a timely use of the information created by them (e.g. Task 3 of WG3 linked to WG4) o Showcase CS initiatives (e.g. Deliverable 1 and 3 of WG1) and establish coordination of existing networks that will be selected as cross-cutting case studies.

Task 2: Support practitioners and facilitate cross-border research and cooperation to further develop the potential of BioBlitz to engage people in CS while mobilizing IAS data including collaboration with ECSA and the Horizon 2020 project DITOs, o Increase understanding of how to enhance the potential of BioBlitz events as repeat monitoring events for IAS (from recommendations of the DITOs policy brief #1). The versatility of BioBlitz events provides the opportunity to test applicability of best practice guidelines for different CS approaches o Develop training materials for running BioBlitz events to maximize utility for gathering IAS information specifically in relation to the IAS of EU Concern documented within EU Regulation1143/2014 on IAS.

Task 3: Develop and launch a showcase European CS initiative, building on existing activities and networks, in order to test best practices developed in WG1-4. 12

1. Documentation on the links between outputs (Deliverables) of WG1-4, emphasizing how information among WGs has been shared to maximise the impact of the Action (Task 1a and Task 1b)

2. Manuscript documenting evaluation of case studies based on guidelines developed in WG1-4. Outcomes used to inform development of training materials and guidance document for running BioBlitz events focused on IAS (Task 2a and 2b).

3. Cross-cutting European CS activity (Task 3)