Working Group 1 (WG1)

Engaging People in Citizen Science

From participants to policy-makers will review the ways in which different CS initiatives engage target audiences, recognizing the diversity of contributors and end-users. There will be focus on engaging end-users and ultimately policy-makers with the aim of producing results that are accepted and used not only at scientific levels, but also at management and policy levels.

Task 1: Develop a database of existing initiatives/approaches/activities/strategies used to engage citizens with AS from across Europe and link to distributed network that overcomes cultural and language barriers ultimately developing a glossary of terms (translated into major European languages) and key concepts relevant to CS and AS contexts.  

Task 2: Critically review the needs and motivations of citizens and end-users within the context of AS CS, involving scientists and social scientists to consider attitudes towards AS, CS and the connections between the two themes. Identify spatial biases in the degree of CS involvement across Europe and consider cultural and language barriers. 

1. Database of AS-related CS (Task 1)

2. Review of needs, motivations and attitudes towards AS and CS (Task 2)

3. “Best Practice Guide to CS and Alien Species” translated into different languages and focusing on how to engage different stakeholders, including the best approaches/activities/strategies for each target-group (Task 1 and 2)